Covid protocols update
Thank you to you and to everyone who has been helping make our churches as safe as possible. While we are no longer under "Plan B restrictions", we will continue for the moment with care and caution in our current practice of administering bread wafers intincted with wine at Holy Communion with hands that have not touched anyone since gelling.

You are encouraged to do what makes you comfortable in regard to a face covering and we will take this as a sign as to how you wish to be treated and each try to respect each other in this.

All our buildings are naturally airy and full of draughts. When the church is full we will continue to provide extra ventilation, but will be a bit kinder to you than during the peak of the infection rate. However we are still facing high figures and will be mindful of this for the coming weeks.

Please do tell a warden or a ministry team member if there is anything we can do to support you in any way.

Thank you again, Ben


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St Thomas of Canterbury Church in Goring St Andrew's Church in South Stoke St Mary's Church in Streatley

In more normal times...

...you are warmly welcome to come to church at any stage of Christian understanding, whether you are a firm believer or simply interested in finding out more. You may have moved into the area recently. You may be a visitor passing by. Maybe you have been through a difficult time and feel in need of some spiritual support, or perhaps you have lived nearby for a long while but the time hasn't seemed right till now. Whatever the reason, just come to one of the services. Christianity is about developing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and in community with other people.

Walking through the doors of a new church takes courage but be assured that you will be well received. Everyone of all nationalities, interests, ages and backgrounds is welcome. We pray that your encounter with one of these churches will develop your faith and meet your needs at a deep level. Spend some time in these beautiful places of Christian worship. Many people feel a sense of inner peace and joy in church, that may escape us in our usual world.

Attending church regularly may help you discover a new purpose in life, a new direction. If you live in the local area, do consider joining a small home group to explore your faith further. Other Christians can guide and support you in your journey of faith.

However much we may stumble and fall in life, know always that God's eternal love, mercy and compassion are available to each one of us, as we turn to follow our Lord, Jesus Christ.